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Love putting it on. No rubbing, just melts on. It doesn't sit on the surface. It absorbs right in and holds shine throughout the day. Then there's the smell. Light and lovely. A lot of synergy with this product.

‎Damien M.

After shaving I apply the body butter, I've noticed I don't get irritation bumps any more. I use the butter once a day & I'm moisturized all day... Even into the next day. My skin looks more alive and refreshed

Keanna J.

I love this product. It feels good and smells good! Cant wait to get more.

‎Mariah W.

Excellent product! As a man I really enjoy using this product because it doesnt have a girly smell and doesnt clash with my colognes keep up the great work!

Michael R.

I literally use this product everyday. On my hair and every time I get out the shower. Especially on my feet; leaves them super smooth and soft. A little goes such a long way with this product, I love it.

Don S.

I use Cream La Shea to keep my skin moisturized. I have exema, and my skin doesn't break out at ALL, even when I only use it a few times a week. It leaves my skin soft and glowing. It was also amazing to use on my hair. I love that it's so simple, and does so much.

‎Chardonay T.

With a lot water, a cleaner diet, a mild soap, and the use of Cream La Shea I am finally seeing my skin for the first time in years. Cream La Shea beats every face cream I have ever used! Love this product, a little goes a long way.

Monquie A.

When I used the hair and body butter it helped my scars heel much quicker then if i didnt use it. This product keeps me moisturized all day.

Lloyd I.

I absolutely love this product it worked beautifully on my daughters hair. This all-natural cream had her hair looking like she had a perm as to how straight it got her hair! It's not only good for your hair it's also good for a whole body.

Kirby R.

I used Cream La Shea on my scalp while I had sengelouse twists and my scalp never flaked up. This was always a problem in my past with my scalp over drying due to individual braids or even twists but this time my scalp remained moistened! I highly recommend this product!

Sade D.

Natural & so refreshing on your skin. This butter really helps my skin feel cool, not greasy. Lovely product.

‎Barbara L.

I fell in love with the hair and body butter... My hair is softer and more manageable, I see less breakage. I also have dry skin, but while using this product I'm moisturized ALL day... and it's smells marvelous. a natural scent

Kiasha W.

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to your hair and body cream! It smells so good! It has cleared my skin and is much smoother.

Greg R.

This is a terrific product it has my skin glowing looking younger, firmer and tone. I can't believe how well this product works for my skin tone. It also has worked with my dry hair. I just love this product! You can use it all over your body.

Cornell R.

I purchased this product less than a week ago and I am loving it. I would definitely recommend this product for dry skin. My face is extremely dry and it's helping already.

‎Kristina D.

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